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Your funding, your choice.

Use your NDIS or My Aged Care funding to purchase through Averee

Averee brings together the finest products from around the world, in a single destination. Some of them you will know, some might be life changing. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your funding and support the best you.

How to purchase what you need

Your funding can help you buy any product aligned to your NDIS or My Aged Care plan, from the supplier of your choice. They do not need to be an NDIS or My Aged Care service provider.

You’ll be pleased to hear Averee has made the rebate process much simpler to navigate. If you have an Aged Care plan, you can make the purchase then request a reimbursement through your plan manager or administrator. It’s a good idea to check before you purchase as the process might vary with each organisation.

If your NDIS product is necessary to meet your goals, then simply proceed and make your purchase. Keep in mind it also needs to be ‘reasonable’. This means the item is realistic in terms of cost and necessity. Let’s consider the purchase of a robotic lawn mower. This would increase your ability to get outdoors and enjoy your garden while decreasing the effort or ongoing service support required in its upkeep. That’s considered ‘reasonable and necessary so it’s a win from every angle. It’s always possible to be creative when aligning products to your goals and we would be delighted to help you think outside the box.

The funding budgets and what they mean

  • Core Supports: Core Supports help you achieve your goals and assists you in living a full and independent life. An example would be products that assist with day to day tasks, to help you live as autonomously as possible.
  • Capacity Building Supports: Capacity Building Supports helps you build the independence and specific skills to reach your long-term goals. Funding can only purchase the approved individual supports within the Capacity Building category.
  • Capital Supports Budget: Capital Supports include higher-cost equipment, assistive technology and one-off purchases. Funds within this budget can only be used for specific goals.

Make sure you stay on track

We know you understand it’s important everything you purchase within your budget is goal aligned and ‘reasonable and necessary’.

Here’s a list of the rest of the criteria:

  • Must be related to your disability
  • Must not include day-to-day living costs e.g. groceries, not related to your disability support
  • Help you reach your NDIS goals
  • Increase your independence
  • Increase your community, social and workplace involvement
  • Be considered value for money (this is especially true if the support is priced above the NDIS price guide)
  • Be effective and work for your needs
  • Can’t be funded by other government services, e.g. Medicare
  • Fits into your NDIS budget
  • Is legal and doesn’t pose a risk of harm to yourself or others

If you are plan/support managed then reach out to your planner/manager and discuss the purchase and the difference it will make to your life. If you are unhappy with their response you can contact the NDIA for support on how to best obtain what you need.

Shopping with Averee is quick and easy

It’s simple to shop for suggested NDIS categories through Averee - we’ve made purchasing as streamlined as possible.

NDIS categories are provided as a suggestion to help customers with NDIS funding. Every one of our relevant products is tagged with a category. Of course, these are suggestions only and customers are responsible for ensuring their purchase is reasonable and necessary and contributes to the delivery of their NDIS plan.

Please keep in mind this is not definitive. A product that doesn’t appear in a suggested support category may still fit within it, once your specific needs are taken into consideration.

Your account will store all your invoices and receipts if you are logged in when you make the purchase.

Claiming your purchase

If you are self-managed you can order, pay and submit your claim to NDIS. We’ve made claiming your rebate much easier to navigate.

  • Step 1: Choose and purchase an item that aligns with your NDIS goals or Aged Care plan.

  • Step 2: Once you’ve made your purchase, use your receipt to claim your purchase through the NDIS. All receipts are stored within your NDIS myplace portal to access whenever you need them.

  • Step 3: Claim your products manually or through the NDIS portal.

Making a payment request

To make a payment request log in to your myplace portal and select the payment request option. You will then be required to enter:

  • Date of purchase
  • Payment amount
  • Support category (the support budget in your NDIS plan from which you wish to draw funds)
  • A short description of the product or service and how it relates to the support categories and goals in your plan

Keep your records

The NDIA undertake random audits to make sure self-managed funds are spent and managed properly. You may be asked at any time to provide evidence to support a payment request. All invoices are evidence you have responsibly self-managed your support budgets and payment requests. Keep them for at least five years. All invoices are stored in your myplace portal and are available for five years from the date of purchase.

We hope this is a helpful run down of how your funding, and how Averee can support you. Just remember, your supplier doesn’t need to be an NDIS provider for you to access your funding.

Averee is committed to changing the retail experience for people living with disability or the effects of aging. We support your efforts to be the best you.