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Top 11 Assistive Camping Essentials

August 25, 2021
 Top 11 Assistive Camping Essentials

There’s just something about camping – spending time in the outdoors, bonding with friends and family around the campfire, and exploring new places that make it such an enjoyable and memorable activity. And in the current environment, travelling locally, or even 20 minutes down the road and pitching a tent, is the best way to get outdoors and enjoy some time away.

However, when it comes to assistive needs, camping can pose obstacles that make it difficult to enjoy the adventure. In this article, we're exploring our top 11 assistive camping essentials to help you go camping with ease and enjoy it.

11. SideStix Shock-Absorbing Fingrips


For anyone that needs assistance with walking using crutches, then the SideStix Shock-Absorbing Fingrips is your perfect companion for going camping. With shock-absorbing technology and anti-slip material at the front of the design, these fingrips will keep you feeling sturdy and safe while walking and hiking.

If you’re planning on going exploring, especially through uneven terrain, then having a grip that absorbs movement and shock from the surface is crucial for your peace of mind. They have also been designed with a form-fitting grip, making them super easy to use without prolonged discomfort on your wrists while going on walks and taking in the sights.

10. Gecko Traxx Portable Tyre Set Solid Mobility


If you are a person who uses a wheelchair to move around, staying at different campsites with uneven ground can make it difficult to get around, especially if there has been a lot of wet weather. For uneven terrain and rocky paths, the Gecko Traxx Portable Tyre Set is a great accompaniment for your wheelchair.

Super easy to attach, these over-tyre fixtures can help you navigate sand, soft grass, and other off-road environments, expanding their surface area for better traction and control. Lightweight and compact, get out and about with ease with the Gecko Traxx Portable Tyre Set.

9. Built NY Insulated All Day Lunch Bag



Keeping food and beverages chilled while camping can feel like a daunting task. And for those with assistive needs who may need specific foods or equipment for tube feeding that can be bulky to carry, it can feel almost impossible. The Built NY Insulated All Day Lunch Bag is the solution to keep food and drink, as well as medication stored at the right temperature.

Big enough to store lots of equipment and sturdy enough to be carried on hikes, this lunch bag is the perfect way to keep your items cold for long periods of time. Constructed with a water and dirt proof interior, this bag maintains an excellent hygienic standard, necessary when storing sensitive medications. For keeping the campers happy, make sure that you bring along the Built NY Insulated Lunch Bag on your next camping trip.

8. Crua One-Person Koala Hammock


As well as hiking and exploring the wilderness, camping can also be a very relaxing and calming activity when you have the right equipment. The Crua One-Person Koala Hammock is the perfect camping essential to unwind in after a long day hiking, swimming, or adventuring.

Great for lounging peacefully by a lake or as a weightless seat around the fire, this hammock is a must if you’re wanting to take it easy. Designed with assistive needs in mind, it’s super simple to get in and out of if you have limited mobility. Crafted with waterproof materials and easily hung between two sturdy trees or spreader bars, this hammock will make you feel at home while you enjoy your new surroundings.

7. Microplane Cut Resistant Glove


While travelling and especially camping, it can become difficult to prepare and cook meals without your usual equipment. Cooking in the dark or outside without enough light or regular utensils can sometimes cause stress or accidents. For ease of cooking while camping, you need the Microplane Cut Resistant Glove. Made from a cut-resistant, wire-free knit material, it’s perfect for slicing and dicing with low light.

This glove is one size fits all and can be worn on either hand. It also works well if you are a person who might have trouble controlling your movements when using sharp utensils, helping to prevent any unnecessary accidents. Ideal for all cooking and prepping needs, this Microplane Cut Resistant Glove is essential for cooking while camping.

6. So Yes Women's Magnetic Zip Jacket


For camping in cold or wet weather, having a reliable jacket that not only keeps the water out but helps you stay nice and snug, is super important. For a jacket that keeps up with you, you can’t go past the So Yes Women’s Magnetic Zip Jacket.

For people with assistive needs, the magnetic zip is a huge time saver as the jacket has been innovatively designed so that it can be zipped using one hand. Along with this, its quilted design and the addition of the hood not only assists with keeping the rain away but also provides brilliant extended warmth in the elements.

5. Portwest Waterproof & Breathable Outcoach Jacket


For a jacket that does it all, you can’t go past the Portwest Waterproof & Breathable Outcoach Jacket. For travelling in wet weather, cold temperatures, or unpredictable environments, this jacket is an absolute must for your camping trips.

Designed with breathable, waterproof materials, not only does this jacket keep you dry but helps to regulate your body temperature; perfect for hiking in the rain and preventing you from overheating. Designed for both men and women, this jacket can be worn by everyone, especially those with assistive needs who must stay dry and warm while out and about.

4. HandiAccessories Adaptive Cutlery Serrated Knife


For those with limited hand mobility or dexterity and who want to help with prepping food and cooking, the HandiAccessories Adaptive Cutlery Serrated Knife is something you need to pack for camping trips. Easily worn and secured to your hand thanks to the handy Velcro straps, this knife makes it super easy to prep food. And if you’re out adventuring or fishing, this knife works well as an on-the-go tool, as its simple design makes it incredibly easy to use in an instant.

Having the ability to be able to prep and cook food independently and safely will help to minimise cooking time makes the camping experience that much more enjoyable.

3. Crua Insulated Modular Clan Camping Tent


For the ultimate camping tent, with enough room to house the whole family plus any assistive equipment required, look no further than the Crua Insulated Modular Clan Camping Tent. This 18-person mega tent is the perfect tent for your extended camping trips. With multiple detachable tents included, customise each camping trip as you need.

For instance, if you or a person you’re camping with requires an aid or carer, needs extra room to store equipment, or requires a private place to change without being disturbed, then having the extra space will give each person a more comfortable camping experience. Crafted in breathable polyester material and airframe for effortless setup, this all-season tent can be easily set up or down in an instant.

2. Trabasack Curve Connect Wheelchair Bag & Lap Tray


For many people, camping can be a fun way to relax and unwind. However, it also poses several obstacles for people with assistive needs, as you may not be able to bring all the familiar equipment or toys, especially if you’re camping with young children. This is where the award-winning Trabasack Curve Connect Wheelchair Bag & Lap Tray comes into its own. This wheelchair bag and lap tray in one is extremely helpful in providing a comfortable and stable way for people to eat or use for activities away from home.

It has been created with a removable bean bag insert, to ensure complete stability while in the tray position, and its ergonomic curvature design fits nice and snug against the wearer's body. The Trabasack also comes with Velcro straps, making it extra versatile as both a tray for eating and playing and as a bag for storing items on the go. For complete ease of travel and convenience for people with assistive needs, the Trabasack is the ultimate addition to your camping trips.

1. Palm Outdoor Unbreakable Hiking Tritan Cups


When you’re packing for any camping trip, the right cutlery and drinkware for the outdoors can make or break a successful time. For cups that can withstand the elements, make sure you bring the Palm Products Unbreakable Hiking Tritan Cups.

These cups are great for outdoor use and as the name suggests, their Tritan material construction means that these cups are break resistant. For people with assistive needs, having drinkware that can be dropped without breaking, especially while camping outdoors, helps to relieve the stress of cleaning up broken glass and reducing mess. Use while on the go or sitting around the campfire, these cups are great for stress-free camping.

Camping should be a fun and exciting experience for everyone – a time to get away and relax from the normal bustle of life. With our picks for the top 10 assistive camping essentials, take your next camping trip to new heights and enjoy the outdoor experience.

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