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The Top 10 Social Activities For Seniors

February 10, 2021
The Top 10 Social Activities For Seniors

Living your life to the fullest should be a priority for everyone, regardless of what stage you are at. As you become older, there are parts of your life that may change, but the need for social inclusion is still hugely beneficial and should continue to be fulfilled.

Regular social activities are one of the most important things you can do for your wellbeing. Creating and maintaining healthy relationships with other like-minded people can improve your mental, physical and emotional health, no matter your age. Breaking out of your routine and finding these activities can sometimes be challenging, but if you're looking for ways to add a little extra shine to your golden years, take a look at what we believe are the 10 best social activities for seniors to enjoy.

1. Group Walking

Going for a walk with some new or old friends is one of the most attractive and beneficial activities for retirees to enjoy. Besides a pair of walking shoes, there is no other equipment necessary, so you can combine fitness and socialising at the same. Joining a walking group can be the perfect answer to offset feelings of loneliness, isolation and boredom, along with making your doctor happy by getting your steps in. There may be organised groups that meet regularly in places such as indoor shopping centres and parks that you can join to meet new people, or you could even start your own!


2. Gardening

Are you interested in awakening your green thumb? Getting outside and gardening with others is a fantastic way to socialise and do your part to make your surrounds that little bit lovelier. Digging, planting and weeding will give you a workout, and studies have shown that for some people, gardening can also reduce stress and anxiety.

One of the most popular ways to socialise with like-minded people while gardening is to join a community garden. These local, not-for-profit groups are all over Australia and range from small individual plots to extensive vegetable gardens complete with chickens and other small animals. All you need are your own gardening tools and you're ready to go.


3. Volunteering

During your retirement, you may find yourself with more time on your hands that you know what to do with. Volunteering is a beautiful way to give back to your community and make a difference while also making new friends. Dedicating your time to helping others will fill you with a sense of pride, provide a sense of purpose and may also help you stay physically healthy.

Making friends and socialising is also made easy, sharing in the experience with others in your community. If you want to volunteer but aren't sure what you would like to do, think about any organisations or pursuits you are interested in as a starting point.

4. Sports Clubs

For those seeking a sense of community, joining a sports club could be precisely what you are looking for. Sports clubs regularly meet to play or watch specific sporting events, so if you are a fan of any particular sport, this can be a great option. Some of the benefits of joining a sports club include having a shared camaraderie with other club members, finding fulfilment in supporting a team and enjoying the regular schedule of game days.


5. Community Excursions

Getting out and active in the community can be challenging for seniors, especially if you don't drive or live in a regional area. Despite these barriers, community outings could be the answer.

Often run by local councils and community organisations, these trips take people to enjoy activities such as visiting their local shops or attending special events. If you are interested in community excursions but don't know where to find out more information, check out your state's senior activity guide. They provide information on regular and one-off community excursions and contact information to learn more about what's going on in your local area.

6. Joining A Choir

If you are interested in finding other people who love to sing, joining a choir is a great option. No matter your singing skills, if you love to do it, you should! Throughout Australia, choirs sing all different types of music, including some that were created especially for retirees. They are very social gatherings, and joining a choir can also help your mental health due to members gaining confidence in themselves.

Not sure where to start looking for one? The directory on the Australian National Choral Association website can point you in the right direction

7. Arts And Crafts

Want to explore your creative passions? Participating in arts and crafts programs can provide a social group that shares a similar interest and is also excellent for blood flow circulation in your hands and providing mental stimulation.

Some popular arts and craft activities include sewing, crocheting, woodworking and soap making among hundreds of other fun projects that groups enjoy. Joining a group for arts and crafts also means that you will have plenty of assistance if you get stuck with what you are working on, which is always a plus.


8. Dancing

Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to dance! Dancing is one of the most social activities to do since most dance routines require a partner. Not only can it be a lot of fun, but it can also be a great mind and body workout at the same time. Your joints will thank you for all the movement and so will your brain as you learn the steps of your chosen dance routine. Before joining a dance class, make sure that you get the all-clear from your doctor to ensure that it is a suitable activity for you.

9. Cooking Classes

Ready to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm? Learning new skills that can help you every day is a great way to better yourself and your life. You don't need to be Gordon Ramsey to cook up a delicious meal in the kitchen, and thanks to cooking classes, you can be eating better than ever. There is a wide range of cooking classes available over Australia, including some specifically tailored to seniors. If you prefer cooking in the comfort of your own home, there are also plenty of online classes that you can join.


10. Water Aerobics

For all the waterbugs out there, water aerobics classes can do you a world of good. These water-based exercise classes are incredibly social with an instructor and class attendees enjoying a solid workout to music.

Along with being a perfect opportunity to make new friends, this exercise is extremely beneficial to your overall health. Being low impact it’s very forgiving on your joints, can help build muscle mass, and is also a safe way to exercise when rehabilitating or recovering from injuries.

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