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10 Must-Have Assistive Bathroom Accessories

July 23, 2021
10 Must-Have Assistive Bathroom Accessories

Using the bathroom, whether that be for showering or general hygiene, is a part of everyday life. We spend many hours in our bathroom and they are a universal necessity. However, when it comes to assistive needs, bathrooms can present obstacles and unsafe environments. Water and steam can make surfaces slippery and cumbersome, making it sometimes hard to use the bathroom confidently on your own.

Discover our top 10 must-have assistive bathroom accessories that will not only give you support while in the bathroom but will also provide you with the confidence to go about your daily life with ease.

10. Evekare Sound Detection LED Night Light Grab Rail


Grab rails are a great addition to consider for your bathroom. They offer support and stability when sitting and standing, as well as essential assistance when manoeuvring through wet areas. The Evekare Sound Detection Grab Rail is a handy device that combines LED lights and sound detection, allowing the grab rail to light up when it hears you walk by. This is perfect if you need to use the bathroom during the night or are sensitive to bright, harsh light.

Its stainless steel design is minimal and sleek, allowing you to move around your bathroom freely, while its weight bearing of 250kg gives you the confidence to use it daily.

Keep in mind the Evekare Grab Rail will need to be professionally installed, so make sure to choose a spot where you’ll need it the most, like near the toilet or the bath for example.

9. Evekare Foldable Wall Mount Shower Seat


The Evekare Foldable Wall Mount Shower Seat is the perfect addition to your bathroom to give you the confidence to shower easily and independently. As the name suggests, the seat is designed to be mounted to the wall in your shower allowing the user to lean back against the wall, so there’s no danger of falling backward. After use, the seat can be lifted upright so that it doesn’t take up any excess shower space when not in use.

The Evekare Shower Seat is made from heavy-duty plastic and chrome brackets, allowing the seat to take a maximum weight of 150kg. It will need to be professionally fitted onto the shower wall, so there will need to be enough wall space to properly mount the seat.

8. Aged Care and Medical Non-Slip Square Shower Mat


A great non-slip shower mat is essential for peace of mind when bathing or showering, especially when showering independently. The Aged Care and Medical Non-Slip Shower Mat is a must-have for any bath or shower surface. Its design has been carefully considered, resulting in a mat that not only stops you from slipping but provides a comfortable surface for the user.

Gone are the days of sodden old shower mats. Aged Care and Medical have designed this mat with a grid pattern, allowing the water to drain properly and not get stuck underneath after a shower. It also has strong suction cups, which provide grip and strength against water to prevent moving and shifting when standing on it. Enter and exit your shower or bath with confidence knowing that the mat will give you the perfect grip for your feet every time.

7. Evekare Colour-Coded Tap Turners


Being able to turn taps on and off is a daily task that many don’t even think about. However, if you have limited mobility in your wrists and hands, then traditional cross taps can cause unnecessary stress. The Evekare Colour-Coded Tap Turners are the quick and easy assistive solution to help turn cumbersome taps on and off, with colour-coding making it easy to identify hot and cold.

The extra-long lever design makes it super convenient to turn on and off without too much effort or reaching over the sink. Made using lightweight plastic, the tap turners can be attached and removed easily, so they’re great for travel and when you don’t need them all the time.

6. Algodon Bathroom Toggle Non-Slip Bath Mat


The Algodon Bathroom Toggle Non-Slip Bath Mat combines the best of both worlds when it comes to safety and style. The mats have been created with latex backs, which are great for tiled flooring that can become wet and slippery very quickly. The plush materials provide the ultimate comfort underfoot, as well as the integration of quick-drying microfibre, which eliminates mildew and offers high levels of absorption.

You can use these bath mats on any tiled surface in your bathroom, such as around the toilet or in front of the bath, giving you a soft but safe way to perform your daily tasks with ease and confidence.

5. Evekare's LED Sensor Switch Square Shower Head


Without a doubt, having a nice warm shower after a long day is the perfect way to unwind. With the Evekare LED Sensor Switch Square Shower Head, showering isn’t just another daily task, but an enjoyable experience. The showerhead comes with its own gesture control system as well as a digital panel, allowing you to control the temperature, water speed, and spray patterns with ease.

Crafted in a modern matt black finish, the showerhead will not only add ease of showering but also provide a stylish finish to your bathroom aesthetic.

4. Evekare Portable Suction Support Bar Grab Rails


If you’re looking for a grab rail that doesn’t need to be permanently mounted onto the wall, look no further than the Evekare portable Suction Support Bar. The design of the suction cups makes the grab rail the perfect addition for your bathroom, as it can be attached to most non-porous surfaces, like bathroom tiles, and installed in whichever direction suits you best.

Not only can the grab rail be installed easily, but the locking tabs make it even easier to remove and relocate as needed, making it the perfect assistive device to take with you on holiday or if you can’t permanently install a grab rail at home.

3. Evekare Toilet Accessories Night-Glow Toilet Seat


If you’re a person who struggles to use the toilet at night without needing to turn on the light, it can be tricky to use the bathroom confidently on your own. Evekare’s Night-Glow Toilet Seat is your solution for navigating the toilet and bathroom in the dark. The soft light of the blue glow gives you the perfect amount of light to see exactly what you’re doing without needing to turn the light on.

The seat comes with soft closure technology, also great for late-night use, and can be installed easily on most toilets. It will blend seamlessly into your bathroom during the day, and provide the gentle light at night, giving you the confidence to use the bathroom during the night without stress.

2. Evekare Deluxe Bathroom Chair with Arm Rests


As far as assistive products go, the Evekare Deluxe Bathroom Chair with Arm Rests with its ingenuity and minimalist design make it the perfect companion to your bathing routine. The functionality of the adjustable back and armrests gives the user complete security during use, while the non-slip feet and heavy-duty aluminium legs will keep you stable while you shower.

The simple design will fit the aesthetic of any bathroom, and is compact enough to be out of the way while you move about your bathroom.

1. Evekare Hand Shower on Grab Rail


The Evekare Hand Shower on Grab Rail is a sleek and modern hand-held showerhead that will revolutionise your shower experience. Not only does it make it super comfortable to sit while showering, but it can also be adjusted to suit your preference with the addition of the vertical grab rail.

The hand-held showerhead can be adjusted to provide three levels of power, so you can customise your shower experience each time and comes with a two metre steel hose, brass wall connector and stainless-steel grab rail.

Having great quality, and effective assistive bathroom accessories can make or break your bathroom routine. With the list above, you’ll know which products to add to your bathroom, to give you the confidence and independence you need to enjoy your regular bathroom tasks with ease.

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