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JAM the Label: Clothing for All

July 07, 2021
JAM the Label: Clothing for All

We all know how important our clothing is. Wearing clothes that we enjoy gives us a way to express ourselves and show the world who we are. In this article, we are going to be talking about a clothing brand that has gone beyond what most mainstream clothing brands have accomplished. JAM the Label is an all-inclusive clothing brand designed for all. The co-founders Emma and Molly have designed their clothes to have adjustable and assistive functionality, which means that anyone, with a disability or not, can access stylish, trendy clothing that is easy and simple to wear. We caught up with them to talk about all things JAM the Label, and how they’re changing the game, one linen shirt at a time.

Without a doubt, clothing is an important part of a person’s identity and how they represent themselves to the world. For Occupational Therapists Emma and Molly, JAM the Label is a brand that embodies these sentiments. They have created clothing that is not only adaptable for people with disabilities but as a fashion label that is truly all-inclusive and designed for everyone. So how did they come up with the brand and get started?

JAM The Label: The Beginnings

The history of JAM the Label is one of inspiration and empathy. While Emma and Molly were still at university, they very quickly noticed the gap in the clothing market for people with disabilities. During their studies, they were both working as disability support workers—with Emma assisting Maddie and Molly working with Jack, both of whom were teenagers at the time with cerebral palsy. Through both Emma and Molly’s experiences working with their clients, they quickly realised how tricky it was to find clothing that was designed for people with disabilities, that was also fashionable and age appropriate.

“If you can’t change the task or the way things are done, you adapt the equipment.” And this is what they did.

So, JAM the Label, with the inspiration of Jack and Maddie in mind, was born.


The Mission

JAM the Label is a fashion-forward label, aimed at teens and young adults, that combines on-trend fashion with inbuilt adaptive features that make the clothing easy and functional for everyone to wear. The clothing designs are minimalistic, elegant and fashionable, created by Aussies, for Aussies.

“We wanted to make sure that our brand sounded like any other clothing brand, rather than focusing on the disability” – Emma.

In creating JAM the Label, Emma and Molly’s vision was to help create items of clothing that were not only easy and simple for people with disabilities to wear, but that would also make them, and their family's lives that little bit easier. It’s about giving people with disabilities the dignity they deserve, and through the brand, creating a community of people who can go about their lives looking and feeling amazing.

The Clothes

JAM the Label’s clothing line has been designed with adaptable and assistive technology to create seamless, everyday pieces for everyone to enjoy. Emma and Molly’s goal was to implement “really simple design features to make them inclusive.”

Bamboo Tops

One of the first staple pieces that the brand created was a range of short and long sleeve bamboo tops that have been specifically designed with sensory needs in mind. The fabric is a combination of bamboo and elastane, which means that the tops are super soft and stretchy, making it easy to get dressed and wear throughout the day.

The innovation and considered design doesn’t stop there. The tops have a printed label, meaning there are no annoying and frustrating tags hanging about and have been created with flat seams, again, meaning that there won’t be any irritation from scratchy and annoying stitching.

There are four types of bamboo tops available including the Original Long Sleeve, Original Tee, Crew Tee, and Crew Long Sleeve. All have the same design and innovation yet can cover different style preferences and colour choices as well as being unisex in design.


Linen Shirts

The second key piece is the linen shirt. These shirts may sound simple, and really, they are. However, their design and innovation are incredibly thorough. Instead of buttons, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome, Emma and Molly have designed these shirts to have magnetic closures which make getting dressed a quick and simple activity.

The linen shirts are incredibly stylish and super versatile – layer over a t-shirt or wear on their own. Available in two enduring styles – Femme Linen Shirt for women and Masc. Linen Shirt for men.



There are currently two styles of staple pants available to ensure stylish head-to-toe dressing:

  • The High Waisted Pant: The High Waisted Pant is designed for women who are looking for pants that are a little dressier. They have been crafted in a thick, stretchy, ponte fabric that has an elastic waist and drop crotch, which means that you’ll be super comfortable all day. Buttons on each side of the front pockets can be undone for easy access for continence aids if needed, and for quick and easy dressing.


  • The Chino Pant: The Chino Pant is designed for men who want something comfortable to wear yet look professional and on-trend. They have been designed with an elastic back on the waistband and a fake fly and button on the front. The chino pant has also been designed with a drop crotch for comfort, as well as invisible zips on both sides for ease of dressing and continence aids if needed.


“Clothing is a way of making a community, and that means everyone”– Molly.

Emma and Molly’s empathetic and inclusive attitude has created a brand that focuses on empowering and dignifying people through their innovative and simple clothing. JAM the Label is not just an adaptive clothing line for people with disabilities; it is a brand that has distinguished itself as a community of like-minded people within the clothing market, who want to change the way the industry thinks about adaptive fashion for good.

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