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Introducing Fishing Innovator Talbot Kennedy & HandiAccessories

May 19, 2021
 Introducing Fishing Innovator Talbot Kennedy & HandiAccessories

Talbot Kennedy is an innovator—recognising a market gap for products that increase independence for people with limited hand mobility, Talbot founded HandiAccessories. The result? Products that have transformed lives. We caught up with Talbot to hear his story and learn more about some of his most popular products.

A New Beginning

A lover of the outdoors since before he could talk, Talbot spent his younger years getting out on the lake and going fishing. Like many fishermen, the urge to throw out a line and reel in a memorable catch continued to grow, and as a teenager, he competed in bass fishing tournaments with his father for cash prizes (and more importantly, bragging rights).

A change in life circumstances put his fishing activities on a temporary hold, but during his recovery, Talbot was introduced to some products that were supposed to help him fish again. Unfortunately, none of them were exactly what he was looking for.

“I got hurt and suffered a spinal cord injury when I was 18 years old. In rehab, I was introduced to a whole range of sports and recreation activities, and bass fishing was one of them. I started trying to fish with some adaptive gear, but it wasn’t as easy as before my injury,” explained Kennedy.


The Idea

When Talbot returned home from rehab, fishing was on his mind.

“My parents and I started to try to figure out ways to adapt a fishing rod so I could hold it properly. Before my products, my hands would be flying all over the place when I hooked a fish - everything was a mess. This was when the origins of what would become HandiAccessories was born.”

Ingenious Design

It’s true that inventions occur out of necessity, and for Talbot, it was Velcro and a lot of sewing that kickstarted the prototyping process. He spent years creating different prototypes that would allow himself and others the opportunity to fish like everyone. Thanks to his determination and unique designs, products made by Talbot and his team at HandiAccessories have changed the game for fishing lovers all around the world.

Our Favourite HandiAccessories Fishing Products

1. Grasping Cuff


A grasping cuff was the first piece of adaptive fishing equipment that Talbot used, and it was also the first fishing product produced by HandiAccessories. Featuring large O-rings to help secure the cuff’s straps, the HandiAccessories Fishing Grasping Cuff is constructed from high-quality materials. It’s easy to put on independently and is available in both right and left-hand versions.

2. Reel Deal


For people who need assistance with reeling in their line, HandiAccessories created the Reel Deal. This patented design works with both baitcasting and spinning wheels to make catching fish as easy as can be. To use the Reel Deal, the Velcro on the outer side of the product sticks to the HandiAccessories Palm Cuff that has the opposite Velcro side. Simply press your hand against the Reel Deal to secure your rod and reel in your catch with ease. The Reel Deal is also easy to remove from your hand so that you can still cast your line.

3. Able Arm


Designed for people with limited function in their wrists and fingers, the Able Arm allows users to securely hold their fishing rod. You can lock in the Able Arm as tight as you want thanks to the large thumb rings, and you don’t have to worry about feeding the straps through the loops since the thumb rings are constructed in a way to eliminate having to do so.

Be sure to check out the full range of adaptive fishing accessories from HandiAccessories at Averee now.