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How To Claim Consumable Purchases With The NDIS

May 20, 2021
How To Claim Consumable Purchases With The NDIS

Self-managing your NDIS plan is the ultimate way to gain more control, independence and flexibility in the way that you live your life. By being in charge of your funding, there are more opportunities for you to explore creative ways to help achieve the goals set out in your plan.

Claiming consumable purchases is one of the main responsibilities that comes with partially or completely self-managing your plan, so let’s take a look at how easy it is to do.

Identifying Suitable Purchases

“What can I use my NDIS funding for?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by people exploring the possibilities of self-management. While all plans are different since they relate to your specific needs, you might be surprised to know that there are a variety of ways that you can use your funding.

Your core supports budget has the most flexibility and covers assistance with:

  • Daily life expenses

  • Social and community participation

  • Consumables

  • Transport

As part of your core supports, consumables is the funding available for you to use on everyday items that improve your independence, such as the products available at Averee. As long as what you are purchasing is connected to your plan goals, in most cases, your core support budget is available for you to spend how you please.


Non NDIS Eligible Purchases

Keep in mind that there are still some restrictions and criteria to meet to ensure that your purchases are covered. The following are not eligible:

  • Supports provided by other government agencies (such as health, dental, education and Medicare gap fees)

  • Any purchases that cause harm to you or others

Making A Claim

All NDIS purchase claims can be completed online via the myplace portal. You can either make a payment request and then make payment, or pay first and then make a payment request.

Most payments for purchases that fall under your ’consumables’ spending will involve you paying first and then receiving funds afterwards.

How To Make An NDIS Consumables Claim

  1. Sign in to your myGov account

  2. Navigate to your NDIS services account

  3. Select the ‘my payment request’ menu

  4. Continue to the “add my payment request” and make sure to select ‘consumables’ as the support category

  5. Enter the details of your purchase, click the declaring box, and press submit


Keeping Receipts

Whenever you make purchases that you will be claiming with your NDIS funding, it’s vital that you keep the receipts in your records for at least five years. You can keep them in physical or digital formats, so whatever works for your needs is encouraged.

The reason why receipts need to be kept for five years is because the NDIA can conduct audits on any NDIS participant, and receipts will show proof of your purchases.


Take Control Of Your NDIS Funds

If you aren’t self-managed and think that it might be something you are interested in, reach out to your plan manager to see how you can be reimbursed for your consumable purchases. If you are plan-managed, it’s also worth ensuring that any consumables purchased link back to your plan goals.

For more information about managing your plan, read our guide to self-managing your NDIS plan.