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How Automated Appliances Can Improve Your Life

February 10, 2021
How Automated Appliances Can Improve Your Life

One of the great small joys in life is putting your feet up while a modern piece of technology does the hard work for you. Whether that be helping you cook, clean, streamline your daily activities, or entertain, automated appliances can be a blessing.

The automated appliance market isn't new (think about how long you've been using a toaster), but many new products have become available over the last few years. It’s easy to fall behind on the latest innovations, so let's do a deep dive on some fantastic automated products that will undoubtedly improve your life.


1. Small Kitchen Appliances

The days of having to do every small task in the kitchen yourself are almost over thanks to significant improvements in technology and engineering.

Automatic Stirrers

If you love to cook, but your body doesn't love standing for long periods, an automatic stirrer may be exactly what you need. These clever battery-operated devices contain a small motor and are designed to stand up in a pot or pan so that you can sit down. Some of the standard features include choosing how long you would like it to stir for, what speed and an automatic timer that will shut off the device when finished.

Bullet Blenders

A blender is an essential part of any kitchen arsenal, but sometimes their size, price, and weight make them unsuitable depending on your circumstances. Getting your fruit and veggies fix in a blended form is a much easier way to digest your food, and some people prefer the texture and taste that blending entails.

A bullet blender is an ingenious invention that gives you the power of blending your food, juices and smoothies in a space-saving way. Products in the higher end of the price range also have the added benefits of making soups and crushing ice, so the sky's the limit with what you can make. Another bonus of bullet blenders is that you can save time on doing dishes since there aren't any extra containers to wash up.

Smart Thermometers

If you fancy yourself to be the king or queen of cooking, a smart thermometer will be a very welcome addition to your gadget line-up. Instead of having to check the temperature of your chosen dish, it's now possible to set and forget until it's ready to serve. These devices connect to your smartphone to give you real-time updates of the temperature using Bluetooth technology. A smart thermometer can also come in handy if you are cooking a few things at once since it will make sure that you don't overcook your food.

2. Large Kitchen Appliances


Preparing meals for you or your family and friends has never been easier, and these larger appliances will be a huge help when it's your turn to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm.


Gone are the days when slow cookers were the only way to sit back and relax while your dinner cooks itself. Over the last few years, multi-cookers have exploded in popularity worldwide thanks to the many options of dishes that they can create. Just as the name implies, multi-cookers are devices that contain numerous ways to prepare a meal: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and even a yogurt maker. Using one of these devices can significantly cut down on time spent in the kitchen without compromising on your meal's quality and you can also boast about how hard you slaved over your meal.

Air Fryers

A personal favourite, air fryers seem like some unexplainable magic, but we guarantee they really work. These appliances are mini convection ovens that allow food to be cooked similarly in taste and texture to being deep-fried without the nasty stuff. They operate by having a very hot cooking chamber that allows for dry heat to cook the food from the outside. This method means that your food gets a crispness you wouldn't think is possible until you try using one. If you feel like getting fancy, some models come with features that allow you to control its settings with a smartphone.

3. Entertainment


Want to feel like you're living in 2050? Automation and the power of the internet have resulted in home entertainment being available like never before. If you are seeking easier ways to enjoy some of life's creature comforts, these types of products might be up your alley.

Wireless Speakers

These products have been available for a few years now, and the sky is the limit with how wireless speakers can assist in tasks big and small. Use them to play your favourite music, answer any pressing questions and for personal organisation like adding events to your calendar.

You can also use a smart wireless speaker with other compatible products to trick out your house if you want the full futuristic experience. With only a few words it’s possible to turn on your lights, air conditioner and even start a cup of coffee if your devices intertwine.

Smart Projectors

Projectors in various forms have been around for decades, and consistently getting modernised with the latest technology. Smart projectors are changing the game when it comes to in-home entertainment and well worth considering. They allow you to watch your favourite shows and movies on a much larger screen than a TV for a fraction of a price, and some models can also be integrated with other devices (such as laptops, phones, and USBs) to create a complete home entertainment system you can easily control.

4. Housekeeping


If you'd rather be doing anything else other than chores around the house, these devices might be the perfect way to become a domestic god or goddess.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been on the market for several years, but the technology has dramatically improved past the point of them being gimmicky items that don't do a proper clean. These days robotic vacuum cleaners can be beneficial in maintaining a clean house for a fraction of the price that they previously cost and smartphone integration allows you to check the status of your clean and manage its scheduling.

Washer Dryer Combo

Getting two chores done in the same time it takes for one is undeniably appealing and it really is possible with a washer dryer combo. These units have become widely available and are becoming more and more affordable. An excellent space-saving option for the laundry, they combine a front load washer with a dryer in the same size unit as their single appliance counterparts.

For people that need assistance to lift above their head, these machines will be perfect since you won't have to stack a washing machine and a dryer on top of each other.

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