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Ultimate At-Home Style

September 16, 2021
Ultimate At-Home Style

With the current climate changing how people work and live, there has never been a greater need for fashion-forward clothing that is simple and easy to wear. Being comfortable while also feeling stylish is a huge factor to consider when purchasing clothing especially for people who work from home or have limited movement outside of their home. In this article, we’ve selected the best pieces and outfit ideas for ultimate at-home style.

Fashion for the Modern Day

As more people are working from home and spending more time indoors, our clothing needs to not only make us look good, but be easy and relaxing to wear. Being comfortable and stylish is the new modern daily uniform, and below we’ve singled out our favourite pieces that will fit the bill for everyone.

Linen Shirt


Linen shirts are a great staple in anyone’s wardrobe – super versatile in how they can be styled and relaxed in their fit so the wearer will stay cool and comfortable all day. Although conventional linen shirts are usually crafted with buttons down the front, which can be difficult to put on if you have limited mobility in your hands, more brands are designing linen shirts with magnetic closures instead.

Linen shirts by JAM the label and have been designed specifically with assistive needs in mind. The inclusion of magnetic closures allows for complete ease of wear, yet they look just like a regular button-down shirt. With a minimalist design, these shirts are perfect for both men and women who value quick and easy wear that doesn’t compromise on timeless style. Endlessly versatile, wear your linen shirt loose over fitted pants for everyday wear, half-tuck into jeans for a stylish look or wear open over a tee as a casual jacket.

Tapered Track Pants


For anyone who has to sit for most of the day, having pants that are unrestrictive and easily worn are essential for a productive and comfortable day. Casual track pants are an easy default but can often feel a little too casual or unfashionable. Clothing that balances style with comfort is a necessity – this is where tapered track pants are great option.

The tapered track pant combines universal comfort with a fashionable twist. With a loose fit around the waist for an unrestrictive feel when seated, they become more fitted around the ankle and calves to create the desired tapered look.

For women, the tapered track pants by Christina Stephens are innovatively designed to be the ultimate comfortable and stylish pant that can be worn by everyone. In timeless black, these pants have hidden pockets for external devices and medical necessities. Style with a magnetic closure shirt for a stylish work from home outfit, or for weekend coffee runs, pair with a comfortable tee.

For men, the denim jogger jeans by Mikita offer a unique design for all abilities and perfect for at-home style. Designed with a zipper at the knee, the jogger can also be transformed into long shorts for warmer days or can be customised to fit different assistive needs like prosthetic limbs. Pair with a simple button down for work from home meetings, or for staying indoors or working around the house, wear with a basic tee or long sleeve shirt for casual comfort.

Statement Pieces

Clothing that makes a statement can be very empowering. Bold pieces with standout colours or patterns can brighten an outfit and guaranteed to lift your mood!



A dress is a great, easy way to mix both statement style and comfort. With a style and cut for everyone, dresses can fit the personality and individual style of each wearer. Worn at home or out and about, a colourful or statement dress can make the wearer feel more feminine or classy, all the while still being superbly comfortable.

The Dolce Adaptive Dress by Limonata is one dress that meets the stylish, comfortable brief. Designed with a beautiful floral print in bold colour, this dress is perfect for lazy days at home or online zoom meetings. Created with easy-to-use side closures underneath the arms, this dress can be worn comfortably by anybody and still feel fashionable and polished. Style with a pair of wedged sandals to feel a little more dressed during summer or a pair of simple sneakers for modern casual style.

Business Shirts


Business shirts are usually the required attire for more formal video meetings, yet they don’t need to compromise on comfort or movement. The shirts by Unhidden Clothing are a great example of stylish yet professional shirts for men. Perfect for people who need quick access in their clothing, this shirt has been designed with small closures that are fitted along the outside of the arm and are hidden from view by an extra cuff. This allows the shirt to act and feel like a conventional business shirt while being innovatively designed with adaptive needs in mind. If you work from home and have to look presentable for meetings but still want to feel comfortable while seated for long periods, this shirt is your go-to.



When it comes to pants, many people will opt for jeans as the dependable option that can be styled up or down. However, jeans can be very uncomfortable and bulky to wear after long periods of time, especially if sitting. Chinos are a great, smarter alternative. They offer a sense of professionalism and style with any outfit, yet are stretchy and comfortable enough compared to jeans, which traditionally, can be quite stiff and restrictive.

Thankfully chinos are also starting to be designed with adaptive needs in mind by brands such as JAM the Label. Innovatively designed to be both fashion-conscious and adaptive minded, the JAM chinos are crafted with a fake fly for aesthetics, invisible side zippers for complete accessibility and a drop crutch to provide extra room and comfort while seated.

For working from home wear with a plain button-down shirt or for more casual style, pair your chinos with a stylish shirt and fashion-forward jacket.

Fashion is an incredibly important part of our identity and having clothes that make us look as good can greatly impact our general wellbeing and mindset. For all your men’s and women’s fashion needs, shop online at Averee now.