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Assistive Garden Tools

August 04, 2021
Assistive Garden Tools

Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden for the growing season ahead. Whether you have the odd pot plant on your patio, a few flowerbeds, or acres of land, Averee’s range of assistive garden tools can help make gardening suitable for everyone. Read on below to find our favourite assistive garden tools that make gardening easier for people of all ages and abilities.


  • Powercut Lockable MK1V Secateurs


Having a pair of reliable pruning clippers can make a world of difference when it comes to regular garden maintenance, and the Powercut MK1V Secateurs tick all the boxes for taking care of any small and medium stems.

Suitable for both left and right-handed users, the MK1V Secateurs are incredibly lightweight, and their innovative design significantly reduces the amount of exertion needed for pruning. If you need some extra power behind each cut, the handles are large enough to fit two hands to make cutting ​​even the toughest stems hassle-free.

  • Cut Above Tools Lopper Ratchet


For any large branches up to 55mm thick, the Cut Above Ratchet Lopper is the answer. Designed to reduce bending and stretching, the Ratchet Lopper can be extended to help reach tall trees, while the bypass cutting action allows you to snip branches closer to the main stem than previously possible. To ensure comfortable pruning, the strong handles on the lopper are fitted with ​soft thermoplastic rubber grips that allow for extended use without irritating your skin.


  • Peta Easy Grip Tools 4 Pack


The Peta Easy Grip Tools 4 Pack is a collection of assorted digging tools that contains everything you need to tend to your own garden comfortably. Designed for ease and convenience, all tools have ergonomic handles that alleviate pressure on the wrist to minimise the risk of injury. Made from durable stainless steel, the Peta Easy Grip Tools 4 Pack will provide years of help removing weeds, spreading fertiliser and making room for new plants.

  • Connection2nature Arm Support Cuff


If you've ever felt the need for additional support when digging, Connection2Nature's Arm Support Cuff is the accessory you need. Designed to work with the Easi-Grip tool range, the arm support cuff improves hand mobility and adds an additional level of safety by securely attaching the tool of choice to your arm. Once you've finished using one tool, the arm support cuff can be easily removed and reattached to your next Easi-Grip piece of equipment so you can continue gardening without delay.


  • Cut Above Tools Comfortable Garden Kneeler and Seat Green


Long durations of garden work can be bad news for your knees and joints, but the Cut Above Tools' Garden Kneeler and Seat is a handy solution. This multi-purpose gardening aid can provide you with assistance getting up and down, limit bending, or be used as a seat when you need to take a break.

After you've finished up for the day, the Garden Kneeler and Seat has the added bonus of being able to fold down flat for convenient storage.


  • Cut Above Tools Helpful Garden Watering Wand


If watering your garden is inconvenient, the Cut Above Tools Watering Wand will be your new favourite accessory. Equipped with an adjustable pole and nozzle head, the wand allows you to reach hard-to-access places in your garden without straining yourself.

Thanks to the eight different spray settings and a very comfortable handle, the Cut Above Tools Watering Wand can handle any watering task, no matter how big or small.

  • Achievable Concepts Extra Grip Tap-Ezy Twin Pack


Outdoor taps are notoriously hard to operate, but the Achievable Concepts Extra Grip Tap-Ezy Twin Pack stops sore hands in their tracks when accessing water for your garden. Attaching over your existing tap, the textured feel provides a comfortable and wide grip to prevent your hands from slipping when it's time to get water flowing to your hose or fill up your watering can.

If you've got a large garden, the Tap-Ezy can be simply moved from tap to tap for efficient watering.

Lawn Care

  • WORX Landroid M WR150E Robot Lawnmower and ACS Bundle


Automatic hands-free lawn mowing is one of the most convenient ways to take care of your front and backyard, and the WORX Landroid M WR150E Robot Lawnmower and ACS Bundle is one of the very best machines available.

Suitable for lawns up to 1500m², this assistive garden tool can perform scheduled mowing for ultimate convenience and contains 'cut to edge' technology, allowing it to get as close as possible to the border of your lawn for continual neat trimming.

Another bonus of the M WR150E is WORX's Anti-Collision System that prevents the device from damaging itself or your outdoor possessions, allowing mowing for years to come without disruption.

  • Cut Above Tools Comfortable Telescopic Garden Rake Silver



While cleaning up your garden is inevitable, the Cut Above Tools' Telescopic Rake will save you time and energy. Designed for versatility and comfort, the extendable handle provides you with extra reach, while the adjustable rake head allows you to select the perfect size to collect fallen leaves or spread small rocks.

Sturdy and compact, the Telescopic Rake can be used by gardeners of all ages and is ideal for raking hard-to-reach areas.

For more assistive garden tools, browse the range on Averee now.